October 27th, 2012

caillebotte_the orangerie


The hyperactive dog from next door escaped again today and found his way into my back yard. I think he squeezed through a space next to a loose board in the fence. Either that or he managed to actually climb the fence. There used to be a dog about his size in the house on the corner who could climb his fence, which is the same height as mine. I really don't want a dog climbing my fence, or squeezing through gaps in it. I could fix the gap, but there's no way to make the whole fence any higher than it is.

Anyway, the feral cats took off and didn't return for hours. Smart kitties. This dog does not like cats at all, except to chase. He ought to consider his karma, though. There are mountain lions living not far from here, and one could easily find its way to his house.

Today was the peak of the current warm cycle. Opening all the windows still managed to warm the house only to about 66 degrees. It was nice while it lasted. Still, I spent much of the afternoon outdoors. I got about half of the back lawn raked free of leaves, and found another two dozen walnuts under them. The other half of the lawn is too far from the walnut tree to have any nuts fall on it, so I won't get paid for raking its leaves. I might not even bother to rake that half. Tomorrow is shopping day. I don't like to rake before shopping, and it will be too late by the time I get home. There could be rain again by Tuesday. Those leaves might just have to molder for another week or so, if I don't get to them on Monday.

None of the stores have any fruit on sale this week, other than apples. I don't much like apples. I'll probably spring for some full-priced oranges. The pears for some reason are all way overpriced right now. I hope its just a lull in the harvest. Pears would go so well with some of the walnuts I've gathered. Pears and walnuts and cheese make a great lunch. Well, it will be cold again next week anyway. I'll just get some crusty bread and have it with soup.