October 25th, 2012



There were about three dozen more walnuts on the ground today. I'm rich with walnuts. The weather conditions must have been very good for that tree this year. Some of the walnuts are rather small, but most are good-sized, and the nuts I've opened so far, even the small ones, have been very tasty. Once they are shelled there will probably be four or five pounds of nut meats. I'll be able to make loads of brownies with that many nuts, and have plenty left over for fruit salads.

A bright sun made me sneeze frequently today. At least I hope it was the bright sun. This is no time to come down with a cold, and if they are allergy sneezes then I've developed a new allergy as there's normally nothing in the air that makes me sneeze in October. But I'm sure it was the sun. It kept hiding behind clouds then popping out again. The trees that have changed color already were especially vivid with the light so bright. The next few days will probably be much the same, but slightly warmer.

If the sunny days continue long enough then the leaves will dry out and I'll be able to rake them without getting muddy. I bet I'll find more walnuts hiding under them, too. Another incentive to get them raked. I'm not looking forward to cleaning up the soggy mass of them that are clogging the rain gutters on the house, though. That's going to be a nasty job, and I'm more likely to find dead and dying cicadas than walnuts among those leaves. I hope the feral cats will stay close and devour the bugs as I toss them onto the ground.