October 24th, 2012



There were a few rather splendid downpours today, with water cascading from the roof and great sheets of rain-pocked water sliding down the driveway. A good-sized pond formed in the back yard, and then filled with hail. It was all very noisy and impressive. Two feral cats got soaked and came onto the porch with spiky fur. Punk kitties! I'm sure they hated it. Oh, and the cats did eat the three cicadas that were in the back porch sink last night. I guess when it gets this cold you don't turn up your nose at extra food, even if you are a finicky feline.

I've also gathered another big bag of husk-free walnuts from the back yard. This is the biggest crop that this tree has produced in ten years, and there are still plenty lying on the ground for the squirrels. I was still finding them this evening, after the rain had stopped for a while. I got dripped on by the tree, but found about two dozen more nuts, and probably would have seen more hiding among the leaves had the light not been almost gone by the time the rain let up.

There could be more rain tonight, but it ought to clear up tomorrow, and then stay dry until next week. It's going to be very cold for a couple of days,though, and the nights will be especially cold. There will probably be some more wind as the cold front passes through, too. I'm glad I don't have to be outside tonight.