October 11th, 2012


Failing and Falling

I'm pissed off at at&t again, but if I write about it I'll probably start ranting. They are charging me more for Internet than they said they would, and have signed me up for a one-year contract (with early-cancellation penalty) that I didn't agree to. When I called and complained about it the customer service agent said that a supervisor would call me back within 48 hours to deal with the problem. That was more than 48 hours ago and, of course, there's been no call. What a crappy outfit at&t is.


Today didn't get warm enough to get the house any higher than 64 degrees, and tomorrow it isn't going to get even that warm, not even outdoors. It looks like my furnace-free streak will have to end. I've tolerated the house getting down to 60 for a few hours each morning, but I won't be able to tolerate a temperature in the 50s hour after hour. The house is dropping near 60 even now. I'll probably have to fire up the furnace long before morning. More money for PG&E. The only consolation is that PG&E isn't at&t.