October 4th, 2012


Well Seasoned

Maybe Portia wants to see LOLcats, and that's why she's clambering all over my keyboard and swatting my mouse. Well, I've got news for her. She's stuck on this page until I finish this entry— or until she crashes the computer. If she crashes the computer she's going outside with the feral cats. But then maybe that's what she really wants. Why do I always get the feeling that I'm being outsmarted by cats? Probably because I probably am.

But tonight I don't care if I'm outsmarted by a cat. Tomorrow is going to be cooli>, and tonight I'll probably have to close the windows long before dawn for the first time in months. That means I'll be able to have the windows open during the day tomorrow. October has finally brought something like fall weather. I'm going to get some baking potatoes next time I shop. I might bake a couple of pears, too. And brownies!

This also means there will soon be brown ale. Drink enough of that and I'm delighted to be outsmarted by a cat! And better still, there could be a bit of rain on Monday. I could be eating a baked pear and drinking hot tea while listening to the rain falling on the roof. Buzzed on ale! Welcome back to your senses, October.