October 1st, 2012


Morpheus, You Turd!

So I guess what I have probably qualifies as a full-on sleep disorder. I'm not sure what it is that Portia has, but there are times when she really needs to chill. Or I need her to chill. A bout of feline hyperactivity can ruin your sleep (not to mention your concentration when you're trying to write something.) But a cat waking me up too early is clearly not the only thing wrong with my sleeping pattern. Not being able to stay awake when I've had plenty of sleep and not being able to fall asleep when I've been awake for twenty hours is surely a sign of something deeply amiss, and both of those things have been happening to me far too often.

And those noisy cicadas aren't helping.

Quit pestering me and go eat cicadas, Portia.

And Fie As Well

Oh, and I upped the minimum and maximum sizes of my virtual memory paging file by 50%, in hope that it might improve the performance of this seven-year-old, RAM-short computer. So far it doesn't appear too be working. The thing still clogs up when I get too many tabs open. Well, looks like obsolescence wins again.