September 22nd, 2012


Hello, Autumn

Portia is parked on the desk next to my keyboard and she keeps hitting my Caps Lock key. Maybe she thinks it says Cat's Luck. She can't read very well. In between whacks at the key, she is licking my fingers as I try to type, and she's using the same tongue she used not long ago to clean her arse. I must remember to wash my hands before I eat anything.

Anyway. Autumn is officially here. The lower parts of the oaks have actually looked autumnal for a couple of weeks now. The leaves are turning brown from the bottoms of the trees up for some reason. One would expect the leaves at the top, and thus most distant from the water source, to turn brown first, but the oaks like to play mind games with people. First they puzzle us with their odd behavior and then they bury us under their dead foliage. That's why I'm very suspicious of the oak floor that's hiding under my wall-to-wall carpet. God knows what it might be up to under there.

I failed to have an afternoon nap today, so I must be especially wary of falling asleep too soon after dinner. Not only would early sleep disrupt my schedule, such as it is, and interfere with proper digestion, but the floor might try to swallow me. I don't worry about the floor after midnight, as anything made of oak grows drowsy and sluggish itself by that time. Portia might still lick me in my sleep, of course, but that can happen at any time of day or night, so it's a waste of time to worry about it.

It's cooling off quite nicely now. I'd Keep myself awake by making some brownies tonight but I'm out of eggs.