September 18th, 2012



This evening, the thin crescent moon remained aloft long enough for me to get a glimpse of it between the tops of two pine trees. I had hoped that a few clouds would hang about, but the sky emptied and left the moon without company other than the slowly emerging stars. My company consists of cats and cicadas. I also have what feel like hunger pangs, but in non-gustatory places— shoulder, sinuses, knee. It's the strangest thing.

Jarhead the feral cat didn't turn up for a couple of days, and this evening she appeared in my garage looking none too well. I don't know if she's ill or if she's been injured, but she didn't eat, and only drank a bit of water and moped about for a while, mewing plaintively whenever I spoke to her. I went indoors for a few minutes and when I went back out she had vanished. It's probably not a disease, as she got all her shots from the cat rescue people when they removed the jar from her head. Whatever is wrong, I hope she feels better by tomorrow.

Now Portia is demanding to be petted and the television is demanding to be watched. I'll combine the two. I certainly can't use the keyboard when a cat is in my face, but the TV remote works fine.


WTF is with all the yellow smiley-face balls on the LJ banner? Have I missed a coup de site or something?