September 15th, 2012



The enormous dog who moved in next door gets out a couple of times a week, and when he accomplished one of his escapes this evening he saw me standing at my window and decided he wanted to get a closer look, so he mashed his front paws against my window screen and tore a couple of big holes in it with his claws.

It's a good thing mosquito season will be over soon. Jarhead the feral cat has already put some holes in a screen in the den, and now there are holes in a living room screen as well. The dog also trampled the hell out of the flower bed the window overlooks. It's also a good thing that the deer who visit the street are too shy to peek in windows. Their hooves could destroy the screens completely.

I'm still a bit groggy from falling asleep in front of the television a couple of hours ago. The cat woke me again, but at least it wasn't by the reek of her stool this time. No, this time she just decided to sneeze in my face, so I woke up with kitty aerosols all over me. I think I need an extra beer tonight.