September 7th, 2012

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


Sometimes when I go to sleep on the couch one or both of my legs will slip off and then go to the other kind of sleep as well, because of pressure in the wrong place. Then I wake up and try to stand up and find that my legs are tingly and wobbly and I fall back onto the couch. If I had a slightly longer couch this dual-sleepage of the legs might not happen.

Ideally, I wouldn't be falling asleep on the couch at all, but the non-ideal appears to be my new normal, so what else am I to do? I must contrive to get a longer couch. There's probably room for one, as I could free up space by ridding myself of one end table. In my house end tables are just clutter catchers anyway. Well, Portia does like to nap on one of them, but I'm sure she could find another spot.

If I don't get a longer couch then the day will eventually come when I won't fall back onto the couch when I try to stand up with wobbly legs. I will fall some other direction and smack my head on something hard and lie there unconscious or dead until my starving cat eats me. A longer couch is thus not only a matter of comfort but of survival.

Weather: The clouds came and went and left no rain, and no more clouds are forecast. Happily, the days are expected to be less hot than of late, and the nights delightfully cool. Should I fall and whack my head and die during the next few days I'll at least have fairly nice weather to do it in.