September 5th, 2012



Well, I wanted to see clouds and now I'm seeing them. The problem is that I'm not seeing much sky around them. Clouds are best when floating free in a sunlit sky. Today brought that happy situation only briefly. It was soon almost entirely overcast. So far I haven't heard any thunder, but I won't be surprised if it arrives shortly. There could already be lightning striking higher up in the mountains, out of earshot.

Every time I look out the window I expect to see fat raindrops hitting the ground, but those haven't arrived yet either. As there is considerable risk of power outage on a day such as this I'm going to let the computer go back to sleep. It's too hot to stay in this room anyway. It's hot outside, too, but at least the air is fresh for now. I'd better enjoy it before any new fires get started and stink it up.