August 19th, 2012

caillebotte_man at his window

August Moving On

The oak leaves darken as summer passes, and today they have a gray cast the declining sun's light cannot dispel. It's the foreshadow of autumn falling, though this shadow does offers no shelter from the lingering heat. The dessicated earth wears its August mantle of brown grass that grows a bit more threadbare each day. Evening's air smells of straw.

This time of year decay is yet dry. When the rain comes the fallen leaves and dead grass will begin to mold, but for now they remain like husks that still recall their former life, or like old, yellow paper from which a story written long ago has begun to fade. Summer is like a bitch who has weaned her pups. She snarls and snaps and turns her back. No milk for you. The easy time is over. You're on your own.

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