August 14th, 2012

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


So I'm still connected to the Internets. The telephone service section of AT&T told me I'd be disconnected for from three to five business days beginning Monday, but it hasn't happened. I'm going to call the internet section of AT&T to see what's up with the delay. If I get shut down tomorrow, five business days would last clear until next Tuesday.

But it could be that the internet section of AT&T doesn't shut you down when you change names on your account, but they have never told the telephone section of the company, so the telephone section keeps giving out false information. I wouldn't be surprised. Corporations are often crap at internal communication.

Our current weather pattern is bringing us the smoke from the fire most of the day, and then it clears up at night. I've had to use the air conditioner a lot, not only to filter out some of the smoke but because it is so damned hot. I'm afraid this is going to totally screw my budget for August and September. An early onset of cold weather this fall could then prevent me from saving enough money for property taxes unless I can cut something else out of the budget. The only big thing left to cut would be cable. It would be a very dull winter without cable, so I'm hoping for very mild weather through November at least.

It's supposed to stay hot for the next week, and then might get cooler next Tuesday. The fire is still expanding, though, and cooling won't change that, so I'll probably continue to inhale smoke for the rest of August and at least part of September. A big early rainstorm (without lightning, please) could fix things, but that's unlikely to happen. I'm not liking this summer, but I bet the hazed light would be great for photography. Too bad I have no functioning camera.