August 9th, 2012

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


An enormous crow took a walk up my block a while ago. It cawed loudly and frequently, but if it was trying to get other crows to join it, it failed. A few minutes later it flew away, still alone. It could have had a cat for company. Timmy was watching it from the garage and Portia from the living room window. Had the bird been less raucous, Timmy might have gone closer, but I think she might have been intimidated.

Maybe she was feeling guilty. The black bird wing and head she was playing with in the garage a couple of weeks ago were probably the remains of a young crow, so perhaps she feared that the crows had sent their enforcer to exact vengeance for her slaughter of one of their own. But it's impossible to tell what cats are thinking, so maybe not. Maybe the young crow just hadn't been very tasty, so she didn't bother to go after the bigger one.

The smoke has been moderate this morning, and I'm hoping that an afternoon breeze from the southwest will clear it out entirely. The estimated date for containment of the fire has been pushed back again, all the way to August 31. The growth potential for the fire is still listed as extreme, so there's no telling what it might do, but it won't get smaller anytime soon. Sometime today the total area burned will reach 20,000 acres. It's going to be over 100 degrees in the mountains today, and a bit breezy, so I'm not expecting the firefighters to make any real progress against it. The rest of August is going to bite. It's only a question of how hard.