August 3rd, 2012



The smoke lingered most of the day today, and enough remained at evening to give the sunset some vivid color. Most of the smell is gone, though— until tomorrow morning, at least. As the fire is still expanding, this could go on for a few weeks, maybe longer. Thunderstorms are expected in the mountains for the next two days, which could be bad if lightning starts more fires. But it's also going to be much cooler, and it's possible that the humidity will slow the fire's progress, which means it might be put out sooner. There's no way to know which course events will take. By Monday the air might be less stinky, or it might be much worse.

While the heat is annoying to me, the crickets seem to be enjoying it. I don't hear any in my yard, but they are abundant in nearby yards and their chirping is enjoyable. When I was very young, listening to crickets was my favorite thing about bedtime in summer. In June and July there would still be light in the sky when I was put to bed, and I didn't like going to sleep so early, but getting an insect lullaby made up for it. But I wonder if the crickets are the reason I sometimes fall asleep on the couch in the evening? Maybe that old association is manifesting itself. Or maybe the crickets are putting me to sleep so they can sneak into the house and use my computer. I'm going to be very cross if I ever get a bill for cricket porn.