July 19th, 2012

bazille_summer scene

Now With Sprinkles

I neither saw nor heard the rain, but I smelled it. When I went outside it had stopped falling, but the ground was damp and the air smelled of ozone and toast. Later I heard a few distant claps of thunder. I hope no fires got started. The clouds finally began breaking up around three o'clock, and now there is quite a bit of blue sky showing. The remaining clouds are rushing northeast and piling up over the mountains. There's a bit of wind at ground level, too, and the leaves are all flashing when the sunlight reaches them. All the water has evaporated though, as the afternoon has grown quite warm.

Yesterday Timmy ate a bird in my garage, and today one of the back yard cats left a partly eaten squirrel carcass on my back porch. I don't know which of them to blame, as none are in sight so I can't see who wears a guilty look. I wonder if they've all gone away and left the carcass as a parting gift? Anyway, the carcass now has to be disposed of, and not in a stew. I really wish that the feral kitties were less thoughtful.