July 13th, 2012

gericault_the raft of the medusa 2

Hell Persists

Well, I've gotten through most of Friday the 13th, and the only thing bad that has happened so far is that it has been so much like the 12th: sleeping in a pool of sweat, eating cold food, getting a headache, and suffering heat exhaustion. It was actually a bit cooler today than yesterday, but not enough to make it pleasant. It should at least cool off a bit more tonight than it did last night.

The sky was polluted by smoke all evening once again, as it probably will be for weeks to come. At least none of the fires are nearby... so far. I'm hoping for a wet September, but those are rare here. That July will soon be half over I am grateful. That we still have to get through August is distressing. That I will soon get my water bill for this month fills me with trepidation. Keeping the shrubs green in so hot a summer is not cheap.

Oh, and something has caused two of my fingers to swell up to where the skin is shiny. It couldn't have been mosquito bites, as the fingers don't itch, but they are sore and feverish. Maybe I made contact with some sort of plant irritant that the cat dragged in on her fur.

This is one annoying summer so far. It's driving me to drink water!