July 9th, 2012


Helter Swelter

The sunlight glittering on the oaks this afternoon was so hypnotic that it put me to sleep, and I slept for three hours. Because of the nap, I'm now doing the laundry much too late in the evening. I hope the neighbors won't be put out by the noise. My washing apparatus is about twenty feet from their bedroom window, and they'll probably be wanting to go to sleep before I've finished. Of course they'll probably have their air conditioner on tonight, so maybe they won't notice.

I was wakened much too early today myself, as a crew came back to finish taking down the tall stump of the pine tree they took the top off of a couple of weeks ago. It was chain saw noise and half-burned gasoline reek from eight o'clock in the morning until almost noon. A guy sawed big rounds from the tree and pushed them off. The higher rounds hit the ground with a loud thump, and with the first few I could even feel the ground tremors a hundred feet away, but as the stump got shorter the thumps got softer and the ground ceased to shake. The last few rounds I didn't even hear, but I could still hear the chain saw, and I was glad when they were done and the afternoon was quiet.

The house gathered too much heat again today, but it's very nice outdoors. The ridges cool off much faster than the valley, and I'm glad I'm not down there. It's still over eighty degrees in Chico, and probably won't go below seventy all night. Here it's already almost down to seventy, and we will probably get into the low sixties before dawn. It's going to be hot for my trip to the chiropractor tomorrow, though. I really dislike going across town on a hot day.

Because it's going to be 90 or higher every day this week, I've planned for dinner to be almost all sandwiches and salads. Next week there should be a couple of days when I can have the stove going, and one night even the oven. A good thing, as I'll probably be sick of sandwiches by then. As summer proceeds, I'll probably be forced to use the air conditioner eventually, if only so I can keep a sufficiently varied diet. Either that or learn to live mostly on fruit and raw vegetables. Move along, July. Nothing to see here.