July 4th, 2012

bazille_summer scene

Sweltering Fourth

Well, here it is the Fourth of July again, already. Fourths of July seem to be getting closer together. It makes me want to blow something up. Fireworks are illegal here in the fire-prone mountains, of course, but I'm going to make a burrito for my dinner, and that's the next best thing. I don't know if burritos are legally defined as Safe and Sane, but as the explosions appear only after the evidence has been destroyed, does it really matter?

There would have been some leftover rice to go with the burrito, but unfortunately the night I made the rice was one of the nights I fell asleep on the couch before dealing with the kitchen chores, and the rice sat in the kettle on the counter all the warm night, so I had to toss it out. There's no telling what sort of bacteria might have colonized it. I'll probably just open a can of corn.

We're supposed to get a couple of comparatively cool days now. It's going to drop down into the low eighties. I don't mind the Fourth of July being hot— it's supposed to be hot— but a break will be nice. It won't last long, though. Next week will be torrid, and even the nights will be warm. That will undoubtedly wipe out any jasmine blossoms that have survived so far, which is precious few. It looks like the dog days are coming early this year— unless late July and August have even worse in store for us. I hope I don't develop any of the burning fevers, hysterics, or phrensies the dog days are supposed to bring. I'm still uninsured. Happy Birthday, America.