June 27th, 2012

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


There is actually a good-sized chunk of the dead tree they took out yesterday still standing— about twenty feet of trunk. It would make a nice totem pole, if there was someone around to carve it. I thought someone would come by today to finish the job, but nobody did. I'm now wondering if the truncated trunk will stand there until new shoots sprout from it. It would be interesting if the tree wasn't dead after all, but only mostly dead.

But more likely it is dead, and now the truncated trunk will get infested with carpenter ants and they will chew into it until it weakens and falls and takes out a chunk of somebody's roof. And they won't even be able to make new roof parts out of the fallen tree trunk because it will be all ant-munched. It's a local tragedy in the making!

Before I forget— and I know I will— tomorrow (at 04:40:34 in the morning, according to my user info page) is the eleventh anniversary of this journal. It's going to be much cooler tonight than it was in 2001, but I think I'll keep a window open so I can smell the jasmine that filled that night. More than likely I'll have fallen asleep on the couch by then, though. Funny I can remember that detail about the jasmine, but I can't remember what I ate for breakfast today. Time. What a strange trip.