June 19th, 2012



The front yard is freshly watered, and has that smell of dried grass that has gotten damp— not quite like any other scent there is. With it comes the sweet, slightly citrusy scent of the two gardenias which have bloomed. I don't see any other buds on the bush, so these are probably the only gardenias I'll get this year. The bush got trimmed just before the house was painted a few months ago, and I think the buds had already set. It ought to have been trimmed sooner, since it had to be cut back to expose the siding for the painter. It's going to be an awfully short gardenia season this summer.

And summer itself starts tomorrow. There will be only two second more of daylight than there were today, though, and the temperature will be about the same, so it won't really be noticeable. Solstice is sort of anticlimactic anyway, when you've already had so much heat. The weekend is supposed to be quite cool, so the beginning of summer is going to feel like spring. It's about time.

My sleep was severely disrupted today. I was awake most of the morning, and ended up napping most of the afternoon, waking up only after seven o'clock. I still haven't had dinner. I have to be awake at least four hours before I can look at any sort of large meal. As it's so late, and the night is cooling fairly rapidly, I might actually have something baked tonight. The extra heat from the oven will leave the house quickly enough. I'll probably even be able to close the windows before dawn. Dinner at eleven o'clock and windows closed by five in the morning will be a fitting farewell to spring.