June 16th, 2012On this day in different years

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


The cats and I are comatose today. The outside cats have it worse than Portia and I. Outside is a furnace, and the house is merely an oven. I suspect the attic of being a retort. Dwarves are probably smelting iron up there.

I've resisted the lure of the air conditioner so far, though. I want to save it for later tonight. Heat is somehow more tolerable while the sun is out. Once night falls, I want it to be cool, but tonight is apt to be one of those nights when nature won't take care of that on its own.

This evening I'm watching for the lone doe who has been wandering by at dusk each day. I keep expecting to see her with another deer. Lone stags are not rare, but a doe is usually part of a group. She must have gotten separated from hers, and I'm anxious to see them reunited, or at least to see her find another group. Of course if she does, she might not be coming this way again. The group might have its own route it likes to follow.

It might be a waste of water at this late date, but I think I'll put a sprinkler on the front lawn this evening. About two thirds of it still has enough green that it might come back if it gets watered well enough. The rest of it is utterly brown, and probably won't be green gain until the rainy season comes. I've used quite a bit of water in the back yard this month, and the bill that came today wasn't horrendous, as I'd expected it to be. It was only three dollars above normal. Had I known that keeping the front yard green as well would have cost only another three dollars, I'd have done that. It might be too late now.

It's time to figure out what thing that doesn't need cooking I can have for dinner tonight. The mere sight of the stove makes me sweat more.