June 6th, 2012

caillebotte_the orangerie


Half the lawns on the block got mowed today. Mine was not among them, but the smell of freshly cut grass lingered in my yard through early afternoon anyway. The valley, which was so clear yesterday, is hazed over again, but the mountains are bright and crisp. Breezes are making the leaves dance, and occasionally getting strong enough to make the tops of the pine trees sway.

The hypnotic sight of the trees swaying makes me sleepy— or maybe it's the fact that I only got about four hours of sleep that's making me sleepy. I'd take a nap, but I'm afraid I wouldn't wake up until seven o'clock, and that's no time of day to have a second morning.

Maybe I can keep myself awake by going out and digging up some weeds or pruning the rose bushes. I'll have to avoid looking at the wickedly seductive chaise lounge, though, or I'm bound to lie down on it. Then I'd wake up at seven o'clock with a sunburn.