June 5th, 2012



I have no doubt we got our half inch of rain and more yesterday. I woke in time to see a stupendous downpour, which left me surprised that there was no thunder or lighting. It was sort of rain that most often accompanies a thunderstorm. After a few minutes it settled won into a steady rain that lasted three hours. The late afternoon turned sunny, but it clouded up again and there has been more rain.

I don't know how much, as I fell asleep after dinner again, and thunder finally arrived to wake me just before midnight. Another furious downpour arrived with it, but it soon slowed to the soft shower that continues now. The night has grown very quiet. The rain has silenced the crickets, and there is no longer enough rain to make the downspouts gurgle— only the sound of small drops hitting the leaves.

It was very strange to have so much rain so late in the season. Chances are I'll be hearing frogs again by tomorrow might, and the grass might even turn entirely green again. It's like a second spring. It would be nice to have one like this every month this summer, but that's unlikely. I only hope that the bit of lighting that woke me didn't start any fires.


A solitary doe visited my yard this afternoon and munched quite a few of the dandelions, then moved on to eat some ground cover alongside the neighbor's driveway. There aren't any roses blooming right now or she'd have gotten those too. She ought to have gone to my back yard, where the roses are flourishing, but then she didn't appear to be fully grown so maybe she was unable to jump the fence.

Later I went to the chiropractor to get my head yanked about, finally. It's going to be another five weeks until my next appointment, though, as he's taking the first week of July off. My right shoulder was very uncomfortable for the last few days, and I hope that another five week gap between adjustments won't bring it to that state again. I like to be able to fetch things from the top shelf.

There's supposed to be a chance of a bit more rain tonight, but it's been dry all day and I suspect that the rain has left us entirely. The trailing edge of the storm brought coolness, though, and the afternoon was as delightful as any spring afternoon could have been. 68 degrees is probably the perfect temperature for a sunny afternoon.

It's going to be hotter tomorrow. I'll be able to open the windows again— both because it will be warm and because I've cleaned away the accumulated cat droppings in the rose bed. It rained most of the day yesterday, so I didn't get rid of them then, and the yard was quite ripe today. Soaked cat poo is not something I like to deal with. I suspect that the feral cats have been eating a lot of wild food of late. If I thought the food I buy them was making their dropping smell so foul, I'd change brands.

And now that I've written about cat poo, it's time for me to make my late dinner. Or maybe I'll wait a bit longer.

Ooh, an orange sunset to watch!