June 2nd, 2012


Balmy With a Chance of Light Shows

A somewhat hazy and partly cloudy day has provided a splendid sunset which is now fading through its final rosy glow. Birds are chirping their last songs of the day, and a soft breeze is making the mulberry leaves do a slow dance. Portia is on my windowsill, taking it all in. She's happy to have the windows open again. The fresh air agrees with her, and I'm sure that being able to hear the birds so clearly doesn't hurt. Right now she looks like the most contented cat in the world.

The cricket population has burgeoned, and the yard is full of their chirps. It has gotten too dry for the frogs, though. A couple of weeks ago I was hearing them in several places nearby, but now I can't even hear any from the little vale to the east where the seasonal stream runs through a series of back yards. It must have dried up already. That's not surprising, given the minimal rain we got this winter. I've only kept my lawns from going entirely brown by watering them frequently.

But the chance of rain on Monday keeps increasing. It's up to 70% now. Today's haze was probably a precursor of the storm. Although it was still fairly hot today, I'll probably have to close the windows by midnight. Actually, I'll enjoy a bit of chilly night air after the last three days of heat. The clouds are arriving just in time to get decorated by the nearly-full moon, too. The feral cats might get some company for a while tonight. It's going to be a good night for watching the sky.