May 28th, 2012

caillebotte_man at his window


There's quite an assortment of chirps, cheeps, trills, and warbles going on— not to mention the usual screeches, squawks and chuckles from jays, crows, and woodpeckers. I haven't heard any thrushes so far, but I'm pretty sure there's a lark hanging out in one of the trees nearby. It's a big assortment of birds, but most of them I only hear. The strangers are keeping themselves hidden for the most part. Maybe they don't want to be seen with jays, lest they acquire a reputation for keeping bad company.

The jasmine is slowly blooming. So far there aren't enough blossoms to release a noticeable scent, except very near the hedge. It's to be expected, I suppose, given that this is the first really warm day we've had in almost a week, and the nights are still quite chilly. The nights will warm up near the end of the week, but only briefly. Summer is having a hard time getting started.

Today was Decoration Day, and I didn't decorate a thing. Maybe I'll watch one of those shows on the Home & Garden channel. I've never been very good at decorating, but I don't mind watching other people do it. Some of them do nice work. Decorators deserve their own holiday. I just wish they hadn't changed the name to Memorial Day. It's all part of the war on decoration, I guess. No wonder so many people's living rooms, mine included, look like crap.