May 23rd, 2012

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


I'm pretty sure the first jasmine blossoms will open tonight, unless it gets really cold. The timing is bad. It is cooling off, and there could be rain on Thursday and thunderstorms on Friday. The weekend will be closed-window weather, too, so I won't be able to fill the house with the scent of jasmine until next week.

It's nice been today, but it will cool off early in the evening and I'll have to close the windows by sunset. Right now I've got them open, and stiff breezes have been slamming doors. Portia had the door to the garage slammed in her face and was quite put out by the experience. It's a good thing she was just standing there looking, and hadn't started out yet, when a gust of wind yanked the knob from my hand. I've had to wedge various items under the doors in the house so she won't get squashed should an untimely gust catch her in a doorway.

One good thing about the approaching cold spell is that I'll be able to bake more of the potatoes I've got too many of. I hate to bake potatoes in hot weather. There's a nice yam I need to use up, too. Of course spring can be so changeable here that the rest of the week could turn out much warmer than expected. I could always fry the baking potatoes, but I'd hate to have to boil that yam. It would make dandy tempura, but I have neither the equipment nor the skillz for making tempura.

Oh, and the geese are finally going home. I've seen three flocks heading north over the last couple of days, and heard a couple more by night. I hope they don't find Canada all dried out from the weird weather.