May 10th, 2012

caillebotte_the orangerie

This Time of Day

So I fell asleep at midnight and left the window open all night. Luckily it didn't get too cold, and hasn't gotten too hot today, so no damage done, though the feral cats might disagree. They didn't get fed until almost ten o'clock this morning. Yeah, I slept almost ten hours— probably making up for the sleep I lost the night the cat had her head stuck in a jar and I had to keep checking on her, and then had to stay up to get somebody to come help get the jar off of her head. The other cats can blame her for their missed meal.

I also left the computer running all night, and the television as well, and the hose that was irrigating the sourgrass, and then the dishes went unwashed for twelve hours and thus had to be pre-soaked to soften the stuff that was dried onto them. But this is the closest I've come to having a normal sleep schedule in a couple of years. It's unlikely that it will become a habit, though. I'll probably veer off of it tonight. That's what usually happens.

Meanwhile, I've got a surprisingly nice afternoon to enjoy, and I certainly don't want to spend it on the Internets. I'm going to get more of those foxtails pulled up, and I'm letting the house continue to air out. The pines will start pollinating in earnest any day now and I'll have to stay indoors with the windows closed again.

Oh, and the dogwood trees are letting go of their blossoms as the new leaves appear. The fallen petals dry out and go rustling along the street with every breeze. They are like little bits of white and pink parchment, with a slightly rough texture but pleasant to the touch. I don't intend to clear them up. They look nice scattered about the yard, so I'll let them lie there until they shrivel to nothing. Sort of like LiveJournal.