May 2nd, 2012

caillebotte_the balcony


The mulberry tree's eaves are growing rapidly. They should be making a dense shade within a couple of weeks. The shade was not needed today, as the air was cool even before an overcast developed late this afternoon. All but a handful of the mulberry's dead blossoms have fallen to the ground and are carpeting the walkway. They are soft to walk on, but I avoid them, as I don't want to track any remaining pollen they might have into the house.

Across the street and up the block, all the dogwoods are in full bloom, adding great clouds of white and pink to the scene. They are set off nicely against the fresh green leaves of the oaks and the deeper green of the pines. In my front yard, the white irises are past their peak, but there are still about three dozen of them blooming. By night they make a ghostly shimmer in the darkness, especially when the moon is shining.

There probably won't be any direct moonlight tonight, as more rain is likely on the way. The hot days that were predicted have been displaced by one more storm. It would be nice if this pattern of mild days interrupted by occasional rains continues through May and well into June. The grass looks so nice when it's green, the fields and forests are unlikely to burn when they are damp, and spring coolness is so much more pleasant than summer heat.

I'd even welcome a delay in the jasmine's perfume if that's the price of a few more weeks of mild weather. I know the jasmine will bloom eventually, and the scent will be all the more enjoyable for having been anticipated longer.