April 30th, 2012

caillebotte_the orangerie

Goodbye, April

About two dozen poppies have bloomed now, and a large patch of volunteer bluebells is adding color to an area farther back. There is also a good-sized patch of what I take to be clover growing where last year there were only foxtails and other obnoxious plants. There are still plenty of foxtails, but I'm glad the clover has crowded some of them out.

The lamb's ear is spreading its blue-green leaves to new locations, but hasn't yet begun to flower. Altogether, the back yard is looking quite springy now. I gave it some water today, as I'd like to keep it looking springy as long as possible— at least until the jasmine blooms. Once the nights are scented with jasmine, I'll care less what the rest of the yard looks like.

Last night I heard crickets, but I also got bitten by a mosquito. This afternoon I saw a couple of hummingbirds, but I also started sneezing again. April ends with mixed blessings. May will bring shorter nights, warmer days, and dryer air. It will also bring more mosquitoes and pollen. It could also bring thunderstorms and wildfires. Today there were lots of cumulus clouds, but they remained silent. That's the kind I like. I hope we get more of those, and no stray electricity igniting the fields and forests.