April 29th, 2012


First and Last

Firsts for April 29: The first crane fly to get trapped in the house; the first earwig crawling on my sleeve; the first cricket on the back porch (silent, so probably a female.)

I woke too early today, and took in some sunlight. I saw an enormous crow strut along the street, making loud, boastful caws. An acorn woodpecker, duly unimpressed, perched on a utility pole's crossarm and chuckled at the spectacle.

I woke too early and went shopping late, and had to drag myself through the store, half dazed. The summery warmth was an extra soporific. Now, though the evening is cooling, I have no energy for making dinner. I wish I had thought to buy something for making sandwiches.

Though I'd like to lie down, I don't dare. I'd be fast asleep as soon as I blinked. Again I've forgotten to prepare iced tea in advance of the hot day, but I might just brew a few cups extra strong so they will stand up to ice cubes. Otherwise I don't see how I can stay awake long enough to.... Wait. What was I going to do?

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