April 27th, 2012

caillebotte_man at his window

Still Spring

It looks like the storm dropped all of its rain in one go, as there was none last night nor any today, and tomorrow the warm spell begins. Lucky for the poppies, not so lucky for the grass. There could still be a bit of rain in May, but the season has most likely exhausted its capacity. I figure it will be irrigation for the bushes and flowers from here on out, and eventually the browning of the lawns.

The mulberry tree has apparently exhausted its pollen as well, as I see no puffs this afternoon, and the blossoms are dropping by the score with every stiff gust of breeze. The leaves are growing rapidly now, and will soon provide shade. I'm anticipating some pleasant hours under that tree in the coming months.

The tree could also provide interruptions to my telephone, Internet and cable services due to a few branches that are drooping onto the wires. Any wind-induced bouncing of the branches could pull a cable loose from the pole or the house. The tree has grown rapidly in that direction since its last trimming. I'd much rather it had sent a few branches northward, to cover the big gap where the late afternoon sun will be glaring in my window for the rest of the spring and much of the summer.

In fact the sun is getting around to that spot now, and despite the overcast the glare is intense. There's no other spot for the computer, so I'll have to close the curtains and lose the view of the pleasant April evening. Maybe I'll just go out and uproot a few more foxtails while the soil is still damp. It smells better outdoors, anyway, and I can listen to the frog who has recently moved into my next door neighbor's back yard. It always starts singing when the shade of the house reaches its spot in late afternoon, and continues until the night air grows too chilly. Frogs have a very relaxing song— a good accompaniment to the fresh, earthy scent of foxtails being slaughtered.