April 25th, 2012



I found out what all the helicopters were about yesterday. Sunday afternoon, a hiker fell into a fork of the Feather River that has a large waterfall, and a few minutes later people on an observation platform near the falls saw him swept over. As the total drop of the falls is over six hundred feet, there's virtually no chance he survived, but they've been using helicopters to search for his body because the water flow is high this time of year, and the deep river canyon below the falls is inaccessible on foot. It's raining today, so they've called off the search for now and the sky is quiet.

Here is a very good photo of Feather Falls from across the canyon. This is the observation deck from which the previous photo was taken. This photo was taken from just above the falls, and shows the view down the canyon.

This isn't the first time someone has gone over the falls, but I don't know how many there have been altogether. The river that feeds the falls is quite narrow, and at some places you can even jump across, but in spring it is swift and the current is strong, so anybody who slips in is very likely to be swept away, and there are many slippery spots along the banks. I'd imagine that during the gold rush era at least a few of the prospectors who vanished in the mountains probably ended up going over Feather Falls. The mountians are a perilous place.


Well, the tooth scraping is done, but I had to get new x-rays as well, and it ended up costing more than twice what I had budgeted. I have no idea what I can cut for the next two months so that I'll have enough money to pay the fire insurance premium that comes due in July. But there is even worse news. The dentist gave me a list of work that needs to be done, all of it as soon as possible, and it adds up to over four thousand dollars. That's if he doesn't discover more stuff that needs doing when he starts digging under the old crowns.

Yikes. As that's close to half my annual income, even if I cut my expenses to the bone, get rid of cable, freeze through the winters, and eat the cheapest possible diet, it would take me at least three years to get it paid off. The only way I could do it without incurring debt is if the house is sold, and the real estate market is still totally sucky and likely to remain so for the next couple of years, at the least. Plus, once the house is sold I'm looking at paying rent (and dealing with landlords and all their rules) for the rest of my life.

Even should I go the pre-modern route and wait for the teeth to rot, and then get them yanked out (and don't get dentures to replace them), my budget will eventually feel a strain. Extractions aren't all that cheap anymore.

So, calculating my income and all my expenses, they now sum up to screwed. I knew my teeth would eventually bite me in the arse!