April 22nd, 2012

caillebotte_man at his window


A few days of spring gave way to a burst of summer. The unprepared trees cast the shadows of bony branches, and the ground dried around the roots of the rose bushes. Had the sourgrass yet bloomed, its flowers would have shrunk from the heat.

I'm going to blame Sierra Nevada Brewery for the premature arrival of the season. Today there was Summerfest lager on the store shelves. No wonder summer came so soon— it had to greet its tasty specialty beer. Of course I bought a six pack. A couple of weeks ago we had winter in April, and now we have summer in April. Who needs to travel when different climes visit one's home so frequently?

This summer will be brief, though. Spring ought to return within a few days, which means I ought to enjoy the first summer beer before it becomes temporarily inappropriate. That means before Wednesday, when there could be rain again. I hope there will be rain, as I chose not to irrigate anything today, and will probably let it go tomorrow as well. There are already enough mosquitoes flying about, without irrigation leaving puddles for them to breed in.

I'm quite sure the insects were celebrating Earth Day. I've never seen so many appear so suddenly as I did this afternoon. The birds must be feasting. I'm just scratching where I got bitten.

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