April 16th, 2012

caillebotte_the orangerie


Guys came and tested the ducts of the HVAC system today. The ducts were insufficiently leaky to require patching. I'm a bit disappointed, having hoped that they were inefficient, and that this accounted for some significant part of my utility bills. Alas, my gas consumption cannot be lowered by mere duct sealing, which would have been comparatively simple and inexpensive. It would take wall insulation or window replacement to increase the energy efficiency of the house, and those are costly options, as well as being projects that cause lengthy disruptions. For now, I'm stuck with the energy efficiency (or inefficiency) I've got.

But it is springish for now, so the furnace ought to be running less frequently than it has been for several months. In fact, there's a chance that the year's first heat wave will arrive later this week. It will be a mild heat wave, but in comparison to the first half of April, the second half could turn out to be downright tropical. I won't be wearing shorts, but I'll be able to ditch the hoodies, at least by day. unfortunately, I'll also have to start watering the yard. It doesn't take long for the grass to dry out and start turning brown, and once that happens it takes loads of water to get it even slightly green again. I like to keep it as green as possible through June, but if July and August turn hot, the grass will be on its own.

There could be a bit of rain again tonight, but if so it is likely to be the last for a long time. For the next month or so it will be pollen in the air, and I'll be listening to my own sneezing rather than to the gentle dripping of the rain.

I just squashed an ant that was crawling across my desk, and now my thumb smells of formic acid. I'll have to go wash it. I wish crushed ants smelled better. Like a skunk, for example.