April 7th, 2012

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Oh, Bother

Friday fell through the cracks in my sleeping schedule, and then my wireless keyboard feel though the cracks in... well, I'm not sure what cracks those were. It just wouldn't work anymore, and after futzing about for a while I realized that the batteries had probably died. The knowledge of how the keyboard works fell though the cracks in my memory, I guess. I have to change the batteries in the mouse frequently, but this is the first time I've ever had to change the batteries in the keyboard, and I've had this computer for, what, seven or eight years?

And they were just cheap alkalines, too, not even the rechargeable batteries I use in the mouse. If I'd been using alkalines in the mouse, I'd have probably gone through a hundred pairs for the mouse in the time the keyboard has used up one pair. Maybe I should learn more keyboard commands to save on battery costs— although it's probably that little red light that's on all the time in the mouse belly that uses up the most electricity, not the clicks.

Anyway, all fixed now, but Friday is MII (Missing In Inaction.) I slept through about five hours of the evening— with the television on. More electricity devoured uselessly! The Sierra Club will probably send bears to take dumps on my front lawn to punish me. I don't know why Portia didn't wake me up. She's the worst alarm cat ever! She also threw up on the floor while I slept, and after waking I didn't notice it there until I had walked through it a couple of times, so there was a trail of semi-dried kitty chunder to be cleaned off of a big swath of carpet. I get myself into things by doing nothing! How is that fair?

The good news, though, is that Sunday and Monday are both apt to be fairly mild. Two days in a row when I'll be able to have the windows open for an hour or two! Tonight is cold but clear, and the moon is full. I can go out and see the baroque shadows of the mulberry branches decorating the ground for the last time this spring. By the next full moon they will be covered with leaves casting dense shade. Already the buds are appearing, and the warm days will bring pollen. Oh, that's right. Maybe I won't be able to have the windows open Sunday and Monday after all. Well, then the good news is that I won't have to burn as much gas in the furnace those days. I'll take that.
laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


Yesterday evening was swallowed by Morpheus, and this evening was devoured by Internets. I discovered that, if I manipulated my search terms cleverly, I could fetch considerable chunks of pages of books that Google Books has available only in snippet views. I figure that if I had tens of thousands of hours, with luck and cleverness I might be able to fetch most of a book for free. Or I could just rob a bank and buy the book with some of the money I took, which would probably take less time even if I got caught and spent several years in prison.

Anyway, I spent a couple of hours piecing together snippets of a particular book I'm interested in, and ended up with about half a page. I don't know if I'm more pleased with my cleverness, or dismayed at my capacity for wasting time. One of those, though. I really ought to have taken a nap, as I did last night.