March 31st, 2012

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

Must of Been Something I Et

Portia found it awfully easy to purr me to sleep on the couch this evening. Dinner was larger than I'd intended it to be, but still. One would think one could keep one's eyes open long enough for one to watch one show on television. (Wait, what? Guess I'm still bleary.) It turned into the longest unintended nap I've had in weeks. Not even my tinnitus could wake me up, nor the chilly night air. Was there a soporific in that prepared rice dish? Has the salad dressing been tampered with? Who gains from knocking me on my arse?

If I discover that Portia has ordered something over the Internet, there'll be kitty hall to pay!



It's going to get very cold tonight. It would be nice if this were going to be the last very cold night until next winter, but the nights of early April are expected to get even colder. There could be snow in April. Snow in April! Whoever is getting our warm spring weather, give it back!

Also, I'd be dead on my feet, but I'm sitting down. That's what happens these days when I don't get my unintentional nap in the evening. I had to spend that time doing the laundry I forgot to do this afternoon. I needed fresh clothes to wear when I go shopping tomorrow. Int he rain, most likely. I intend to buy some frozen fish. Not because I want fish, but because I'll be able to open the freezer and look at it and feel warm by comparison.