March 26th, 2012

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx


The day was full of crows— murders up and down the block, hour after hour. It seemed the caws would never end, but evening has at last brought quiet. There's not a bird of any sort in sight now. Another storm is coming, and there could be rain for two days. Already the clouds are dense enough that the sunset is unlikely to be visible. Of course the rain is arriving in time for trash day. Tomorrow I'll probably get drenched by a downpour while fetching in the wheelie bins. Again.

Worse, there's a high wind advisory in effect for tomorrow, which means an increased chance of a power outage. It's bad enough getting wet while fetching wheelie bins, but worse if you have to dry off in a cold house because the furnace isn't working. Plus I just went shopping and have stuff in the freezer. I should probably eat some of it tonight, just in case, and plan on not having anything baked tomorrow night. I just hope we don't get lightning on top of everything else.

Those crows must have been an omen!