March 21st, 2012



Frogs are croaking tonight. Today was a bit milder than it's been recently, even though it's still cloudy. Now the clouds are holding in the day's warmth, and that must be what's making the frogs sing. It's a large chorus, and I'm glad to hear that so many amphibians have survived the cold weather. I was afraid they'd all get frozen on those snowy days, but I guess the cold never lasted long enough to freeze the ponds. Tomorrow it will probably rain again, but snow is unlikely before the weekend, and not very likely even then. The frogs might survive until the summer drought hits.

With luck, the spring will stay cool and damp, and I'll be hearing frogs well into April. Plus the cool and damp would keep the pollen count down, so I wouldn't be drowning out the frogs with sneezes. Even better.