March 16th, 2012



Half an hour of splendid downpour and gusty winds ended moments ago, and now I'm bored. I miss all the excitement, and the great, rattling noise of it. Actually, I guess we were lucky to escape a power outage from falling trees taking out power lines. I could have ended up freezing in the dark all night. But the storm was so entertaining that I didn't even think of that while it was going on. That band of weather is now climbing the mountains, and I'm picturing all the wild beasts who must be huddling in the least exposed places they can find. I doubt that they are as entertained as I was.

The insulation under the leaky part of my roof must be soaked, though. I'm surprised that a chunk of the ceiling hasn't fallen down yet. That would be a huge arse-pain. The water stain only covers about six square feet, and that's less than a fifth of a sheet of drywall, so maybe it's still secure. I'm sure glad I'm not sitting directly under that spot, though.

There's still a possibility of snow over the weekend, and maybe on Monday as well. It could interfere with my weekly shopping trip. As a shopping hater who also eats, I have mixed feelings about that. Yay, no shopping, but boo, no fresh food. At least I have plenty of beer on hand, and if the power goes out I can just put it out in the garage to keep it cold. Happy St. Patrick's Day.