March 15th, 2012



Today there was more drizzle than actual rain, and more damp than drizzle. Everything is soggy, including a big patch of the insulation in the attic above my room, so it smells like wet newspaper in here. Portia appears to have given up hope of ever getting to go outside again, and has quit bouncing off the walls. Instead she just looks out the window for a while, then curls up in a corner and mopes. A mopey cat is no fun, but at least she isn't knocking things over.

Another cat-related bonus to the chilly weather is that she isn't shedding for the time being. I was able to vacuum up the bits of cat hair that she left all over the house during the warm days, and I probably won't have to deal with any more until it warms up again. The hair ball she coughed up this morning could be the last of its kind for a while, too. I
m being thankful for small favors, but a few minutes of direct sunlight would have been nice, too.