March 13th, 2012



I waited for several hours for the rain to let up so I could go out and fetch the wheelie bins without getting soaked, but finally gave up and took the big, cold, outdoor shower. Of course, the rain let up ten minutes later, before I'd even gotten fully dried off. It was my second shower of the day, as I'd had to take one when I went out to fetch the newspaper this morning.

A wheelie bin can sit in the rain for hours with no harm done, but a newspaper, even wrapped in a plastic bag, has to be brought in soon after being delivered, or it is bound to wick up some water and end up unreadable until after it has spent a day over the heating vent.

Now Portia is getting cabin fever. She made an attempt at going out in the rain earlier, but dashed back into the shelter of the garage after only a few seconds. She really, really wants to go out again, but doesn't dare, so she settles for running about the house and bouncing off the walls. I suppose I'll have to put up with this all evening. It's the price of getting the yard watered without giving up any cash, I guess.