March 12th, 2012

laszlo moholy-nagy_chx

No Thunder and Lightning, Please

A sunny afternoon gave way to a cloudy evening with gusty wind. We're in for another rainy week, and it might even get cold enough to bring some snow— now that spring is almost here. Well, whatever puts off the start of the fire season is fine with me. It's just too bad that it also has to prolong the furnace season. I was really hoping to have a few more days when I could open the windows. The house has the stuffy reek of winter in it.

It would have been nice if the rain could have held off until Wednesday, too. Tuesday is trash day, and I'm probably going to get soaked while bringing the wheelie bins in from the street. And from the looks of the sky I should probably get the wheelie bins out to the street as soon as possible. The clouds keep getting lower and darker, so I suspect that they're about to open up with a deluge.

If the feral cats have any sense, they'll get back here right away so they can stay dry on the back porch. They all scattered as soon as they ate their dinner this evening. I don't think they've figured out yet how weather works. Lucky for me that I have.