March 11th, 2012



Daylight Staving Time sneaked up on me again. I didn't realize that it had happened until, after seeing the time on the cable box, I glanced at the clock on the wall that I never change and saw that the two were the same. An hour had been snatched without my knowing it! Then it was too late to get to sleep on time, and I had to set the alarm, and forgot to change the alarm clock first!

Thus I woke too soon and too late at once to a gray afternoon through which I rushed bleary-eyed, stubbing toes and standing agape before the open refrigerator door having, to all appearances, forgotten what orange juice was. The leaden day fell on me like the rain and hail that fell on me later when I went to the store. Now the breaking clouds are shot with pink and patches of pale blue sky are fading, and the drops of water clinging to bare twigs wink out one by one. The late dusk hangs in the air like yesterday's hazy thoughts in my mind. All I want is more sleep.

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