March 3rd, 2012

caillebotte_the orangerie


Well, it looks like the peach blossoms have survived the foul weather, but there's another frost due on Tuesday night, so they're still in danger. And although it got fairly warm today I didn't see a single bee out, so there might not be anyone to pollinate the blossoms even if they continue to survive.

It's even more surprising that the azalea bush appears to have put out another set of buds. They might be just the old buds from which the flowers were stripped by the cold a few weeks ago, but it looks like there are far more buds now than there were flowers then, so I don't know. It has all become quite unpredictable. The plants have become flip-floppers. They must have caught campaign fever.

The onion I planted in the rose bed last year is thriving. I don't know if any actual onions are growing, but the spiky leaves are nice to look at. I think that the bulbs only grow after the weather turns reliably warm, so I'm not going to yank on the tops yet, or try digging them up. I might cut a stalk to see if it serves as a green onion. They are already pretty thick, though, so they might be too strong.

I let myself get distracted while looking at Google street views of Cincinnati this evening, and now I'm three hours late getting dinner started. I won't be making chili with spaghetti in it. Take that, Ohio!