February 28th, 2012


Icumin In

The slush and hail and popcorn snow that fell yesterday afternoon has melted away despite the overcast sky and chilly air. The street remains damp, and the moss that grows on the patch of walkway I seldom use is bright green. Tomorrow it will probably be hidden under a fresh layer of snow.

The pines are already animated by gusts of wind as the next storm approaches. Predictions of its severity vary widely, and we could get anything from one inch to six inches of snow. The upper end would bring a considerably greater risk of a power outage, so I'm hoping it will stay around an inch or two and that the rest falls as rain.

There could be rain or snow every day for most of this week, but a sunny weekend should clear out any accumulated snow, if the rain doesn't wash it away first. But it's very annoying that winter waited so long to arrive. The peach tree was looking so nice with its dozens of blossoms, and now they will all be destroyed.