February 27th, 2012


Extra! Extra!

There's an extra day in February, and it brought snow. It's only popcorn snow so far, but enough to turn the ground almost entirely white. There is also thunder and lightning, and for a while there was treetop wind, but that has died down. So far the electricity is still on, but it could go at any time. I really ought to turn the computer off and unplug everything. Some of the lighting has been pretty close.

But first I must complain that the peach blossoms are getting frozen, the daffodils are getting frozen, and the irises are getting frozen, just as I'd feared they would. It's very displeasing. Plus it's wheelie bin night, and I'll have to take the trash bin out regardless of the weather, as I forgot to take it out last week. It takes three or four weeks to fill the bin, so there's still plenty of room in it, but it's going to reek if it stays any longer, so out it must go.

I'm hoping the snow won't stick, so I won't have to slip and slide down the driveway when I take the bin out. Do not like leap year day.

Wait, no. This is not leap year day. Not only have I lost track of time, but I can't even tell the difference between a 7 and a 9.

That's what happens when you get too anxious for February to be over.