February 22nd, 2012


On Croaking

The camellias are blooming, and tonight the frogs sang for the first time this year. It's early for frogs. This made me a bit sad, as when frogs croak this early in the year, it means it's likely that they'll soon figuratively croak. Either the winter will finally bring snow and freeze the frogs, or it won't, and the lack of sufficient snow will cause the streams and ponds to dry up early and dessicate the frogs.

Early frogs are doomed, no matter how sweet their songs. The only thing that might prolong their lives is a long season of mild rain, to keep the streams flowing and the ponds full without turning them icy cold. The odds of this happening are slim. I'm going to miss those frogs.


Wow. The new LJ release has made it possible for me to see the entire update page, edit entry page, and user info page with Opera for the first time in months. I won't have to switch to Firefox to compose or edit an entry anymore, or use the quick update feature on the portal page for updates. At least not until until the next time they break it. I haven't tried using Firefox yet today, so I don't know if they already broke things for Firefox when they fixed things for Opera.

Anyway, I've been spending less time here since the previous release, as it got so frustrating to use the site. Now that it appears to be fixed I'll probably start spending more time here again, once I get back into the habit.

It got even warmer than expected today. The daffodils have started blooming, and I'm sneezing more frequently. I also had some strange dreams that left only vague fragments in my memory. Such dreams always arrive with the first warm weather of the year, which makes me suspect that about this time some plant begins releasing psychoactive pollen into the air, or perhaps some psychoactive mold begins drifting about as it dries out. I wish I could remember the dreams, but I never can. But then maybe it's best that don't. I have the impression that they are extremely weird.