February 2nd, 2012



Newt Gingrich saw his shadow. Six more weeks of campaigning.

But we are about to get camellias. The buds are on the verge of opening. Camellia buds are tough, and had no problem surviving the few cold nights we've had recently, so there should be quite a few blossoms within just a few days. Should there be more cold after the flowers open the petals could be damaged, but more buds will be ready to open by then, so I expect a month or so of flowers peeking in my window. The bushes got trimmed back for the firs time in years when we painted the house, but they grow fast after being pruned, so the display should be decent.

The sunset has faded, and now a breeze is coming up. If the oaks had leaves, the breeze would use them to make a pleasant rustle, but it only has some bushes and pine needles to play right now. It makes a chilly song drifting on the chilly night air, where the light of the waxing moon picks out the still and bony branches of the bare oaks and makes them gleam, while the swaying pines flicker around them. It's another good night for wearing a hoodie, or for being indoors.