January 17th, 2012


Wintry At Last

The big bowl of water the birds use as a bath (and the feral cats drink from) still had a layer of ice floating on it at four o'clock this afternoon. I replaced the water, but when I turned the spigot on, shards of ice shot out of the hose. A dozen or so fell in a heap looking like a dismantled set of glass wind chimes. There will be freezing temperatures again tonight, but it should warm up a bit when the rain arrives tomorrow night or Thursday. This evening it was so cold that Portia was back indoors by six o'clock, and hasn't wanted to go back out since.

The feral cats are probably hiding in the heap of old fence boards next to the jasmine hedge. It has a big pile of leaves along one side of it, and they are probably giving off warmth as they decay. I'm sure the cats will be warmer under those boards than they would be in the chair on the back porch where they usually sleep.

I'm keeping the furnace going, but the house is still chilly. It's about time to go to the living room and curl up on the couch with a bunch of blankets wrapped around me. This room is way too cold, even though I've got a cat serving as a lap warmer. Also, I'd like to take a shower, but that's an unpleasant experience in this weather. I might turn the thermostat up to seventy or so later so I can get wet for a few minutes without freezing.